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Wavy American Flag Bracelet

By Potomac Bead Company

My (Rita Sova) recalled history of this design:

  • The first time I saw this same (very similar) design it was called Waving Flag Bracelet and published by Dixie Ackerman in about 2001 to 2005.  
  • People were talking it and I found the Technique in a Bead and Button Magazine or Bead Work Magazine (sorry forgot which issue and the designer's name)  about 1999 to 2004 the magazine project was not the waving flag.
  • Many have made similar variations, the technique is the trick to obtaining the 'wave'. My own version uses an Eyepin or Headpin to keep a consistant tension (headpin is placed under the last row of beads and the thread goes around the headpin, so even though your tension is moderate there is enough looseness to create a consistant 'Wave'. Not too tight or you can't remove the headpin!

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