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Stiffen, Shape, Protect Bead work

A few ways to shape, protect, or stiffen beadwork are Clear Nail Polish, Floor Polish, or ProtectaClear.

  • In all cases, always try a test first: some beads are dyed and the chemical reaction can make the color bleed to all the other beads, or matte beads will become shiny, etc.
  • In all cases the coatings can ware away and the process may need to be repeated.
    Example: washing earrings or pendants with clothing (oops) can result in the coating removal.

Clear nail polish (no tints) can be painted (apply in thin layers) to stiffen bead work. Paint all or just a few beads as needed. Usually Fringe should never be coated unless you want stiff fringe.
Suggestion: Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails

Floor Polish for Acrylic floors can be applied to coat and stiffen beadwork. Apply to all or just a few beads as desired. Suggestion; Pledge Floor Care - Muli-Surface Finish (a Future Floor Polish replacement)
Floor Polish How to information: The Secret Ingredient to Firm and Protect Beadwork - PDF

ProtectaClear used in the Jewelry industry as a protective coating for metal. Recommended by Jill Wiseman, see her video at YouTube.com.

Examples: SnowflakesRibbon Candy Earrings



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