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Snake Eyes Ring Tutorial

Master class ring "Snake Eyes" from Guzel Bakeeva Design

Volume lovely ring with swarovski rivoli and superDUO! 
We need a minimum of materials, skills and minimum of 1 hour. 
1 rivoli Swarovski 14mm color Red magma 
two kinds SuperDuo 
Bronze cylindrical beads №11 
round bronze beads №15 
round blue beads №11 
Fireline 6lb 
the basis for the ring mesh 

1. start with the rim for a stone, for this, that we type into the ring 36 of cylindrical beads 

2. propletem two rows of the mosaic stitch (peyote) 

3. for tightening the rim with one hand propletem two more series of beads №15 

4. In the resulting slot insert stone, and another 1 propletem number beads №15 for tightening the rim 

5. propletem another row of beads №15 through one, one propletaem, others pass the needle in the previous series, so get pico 

6. At this point, you need to withdraw the needle into the correct row, first row from the wrong side of the mosaic rim stone, look closely at the photo 

7. On top of the first row of the mosaic stone rim propletaem another mosaic series of round blue beads №11 

8. Further weave mosaic stitch through the outer row now SuperDUO beads (hereinafter'll call him DM) 

poskolnu SD two-hole beads, it is necessary to bring the thread in the top row, look at the photo as it made me 

9. On the upper edge of DM propletaem peyote another series of beads of different color LEDs 

Again we derive thread on the upper edge of DM 

10. Propletaem another series of LED beads peyote first color 

11. Now we will pull our boss, for this propletaem peyote alternately 1 second bead LED color and 1 blue bead №11 

12. The last series of tightening - skip the chain of beads between the two blue LED beads №11 

13. tighten the last row, walk thread again 

14. In principle, then it was possible to stop, and so beautiful, but it is very difficult to stop, start ukrashaet our bead 
for that is passed between the upper and lower LED light LED light chains of beads №15 at 12p, pay attention to the photo which includes a needle and goes where 

15. The circle closes when we go in the opposite direction, from top to bottom, we collect 4 beads, pass the needle in the fifth bead on top of neighboring chains, we collect 7 more beads and repeat the passage in the bottom LED light, so is crossing strands 

16. All bead is ready, you can now attach it to the base of the ring 

17. to attach to the base - the mantle, I needed to make a number of beads from the inside of the chain by 2 blue beads and pull them, since the diameter of the perforated disc was less than the diameter of the back of my beads. 
18. the last row sew beads perforated disk 

19. to make it easier to attach the ring to the disk, you need to hold down the two adjacent bit DAC on the ring and connect it to the disk, and for two of the remaining DAC thin blade clamp 

Ring ready! 

I hope clearly showed 
And of course you can use plain Superduo, you can not do cross-chains, you can do a lot more then ponapridumyvali with this form 
I have to say that those volume elements which have all sprashivat in Antoinette and Versailles, of course in a different case and their not so easy to explain as this, there is a day of work on one element, so I deliberately invented a simple and effective option that anyone will be under force, and work with SuperDuo a pleasure I tell you! 

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