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Rivoli Swarovski Beads with SuperDuo

A Memory of Summer Earrings (Rivoli and SuperDuo): Pattern and Design by Petra Vinterová

From: Top-koralky.cz

Beautiful effect form the two-hole pearl beads SuperDuo Rivoli Swarovski Elements. SuperDuo beads are pressed nepreciznější two-hole beads can say to the world. They are ideal for any network, the result is always perfectly regular and smooth.

Thus edged Rivoli Swarovski Elements can be used for earrings, a pendant or a bracelet piece. You can use a wide range of colors SuperDua and create countless color combinations.

The material on one bouquet

1 piece Rivoli Swarovski Elements 14 mm color Sunflower

24 pcs SuperDuo yellow

best white pearl beads or beads TOHO vel.11

fishing line




Put on the first line about 60 cm long into the needle. Thread alternately SuperDuo 1 (hereinafter referred to as "SD") 1 seed beads. Total from each of the 12 beads (Fig. 1). Tie the ends to form a circle. Needle inject into the upper nostril SD closest to continue (Fig. 2).

2. Slip 2 rocailles and insert into the upper nostril SD. Continue this round. After addition of the last two beads inject into SD and again following two rocailles that only based thread before the next SD (Fig. 3).

3rd Thread 1 SD and thread the two mA rocailles from the previous series. Continue this whole series. At the end of the line, thread a needle and even SD, and thread a needle added new SD and inject straight into the upper hole. Now the needle is ready for the next series (Fig. 4).

Put on one fourth beads and inject into the upper nostril side two SD. Again, thread the beads and thread the other two SD, adding a total of 6 beads (Fig. 5). Insert Rivoli Swarovski Elements and tighten much so that you rivolka fall out. You threaded through the line again. Will you do it better tightening. (Fig. 6)

5th Thread the needle back to where two adjacent SD above the other, and between them are 2 rocailles, so you line based on the beads. Thread 3 rocailles rocailles and thread the two mA previous series. Thus do the rays around the sun. (Fig. 7)


If you would like sewn Swarovski Rivoli 12mm earrings, then the number of required SuperDuo is 20pc, or at one point you wear beads and alternately from each SuperDuo 10th


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