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Earrings "Heavenly Star" with beads and SuperDuo Farfalle by Elena


Earrings "Heavenly Star" with beads and SuperDuo Farfalle by Elena


Greetings! In this master class we will do earrings in the shape of a star and to combine different forms of beads. With the right selection of the color palette and material, you get a very interesting accessory.

* We used beads  Farfalle (Butterflies). At its absence use beads 10/0 and 9/0.

  • Difficulty: medium.
  • Hours - 40 minutes.
  • In the process of listening - Matchbox Twenty.

Tools and materials:

  • Czech beads (blue) 13/0 - 1 g .;
  • Czech seed beads Farfalle (Blue) - 24 units;
  • Czech beads SuperDuo (turquoise) - 60 pieces;
  • agate bead Ø 3 -4 mm - 12 pieces;
  • Swarovski bicones Ø 4 mm - 12 pieces;
  • needle bead  number 12 - 1 pc;
  • Fishing Line  0.20 - 50 cm one earring;
  • The fastener - 2 pieces;
  • scissors.

Earrings with green superduo_materialy

 To get started - do a set of beads and bicones Swarovski SuperDuo (6 pieces each).

Earrings with green superduo_1

Tie knots, if necessary, treat it with glue and pass into the near bottom hole beads SuperDuo.

Earrings with green superduo_2

Gaining a bead  Farfalle (Butterfly) and pass into the lower hole nearest Superduo beads.

Earrings with green superduo_3

Doing so before the end of the series, we go from the green beads as shown in the photo.

Earrings with green superduo_4

Earrings with green superduo_5

Now we need to place one bead SuperDuo before and after the "butterfly" after going through it.

Earrings with green superduo_6

By filling the gaps between Farfalle moving to a new series:

Earrings with green superduo_7

Earrings with green superduo_8

Note that we are changing the direction of weaving.


Earrings with green superduo_9

Whether we look at the triangle beads SuperDuo. If - yes, we do everything right, and then recruit a large round bead and go through to the next upper hole green beads.

Earrings with green superduo_10

Then we recruit two green beads and pass to the next item to add round beads.

Earrings with green superduo_11

For the last row of weaving: the withdrawal of the needle from the round beads, we collect two small beads (13/0) and go through the upper hole beads SuperDuo, as shown in the photo below:

Earrings with green superduo_13

Between green beads add a bead - butterfly ...

Earrings with green superduo_14

The transition from one element to another using "bridges" of two small beads.

Earrings with green superduo_15

It should look exactly like this:

Earrings with green superduo_16

We finish processing the edge of earrings and watch below as the need to attach the fastener.

Earrings with green superduo_17

Attach a ring with a fastener we directly on the beads Farfalle, so it is our way to do it and the next set of beads: 3 small beads / tightly closed ear shvenzy / 3 small beads ... and go through the bead Farfalle other.

Earrings with green superduo_18

Here's a neat little loop we have.

Then I go down to the lower ranks of the netting for securing the working thread.

Earrings with green superduo_19

 As you the option of earrings?

Inspire, create - raduyte!

Earrings with green superduo_20

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