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Cascade of Pearls

Net Weave, Ladder and Peyote Stitch Bracelet Pattern by MyAmari


This pattern has been in the back of my mind since the original Captured bracelet; figured it was time to make it happen! 

I think next to Tilas and regular seed beads, triangles are my next favorite beads to work with and recently, I've been trying to incorporate them into more pieces. They are fantastic to add some accent color or a little different shape and texture to a piece. 

Just a warning on this bracelet: the triangles like to do their own thing, so you may need to adjust them around to get them to lay right. The beads do not sit "perfectly" each time, so each beaded section may turn out a little different.


I have put in parenthesis how I will refer to the beads throughout the pattern.

Materials list for 6 & 1/2" bracelet:

3 g 15/o metallic antique gold seed beads (gold SB 15/o)
3 g 15/o rainbow lined blue seed beads (blue SB 15/o)
5 g 11/o metallic antique gold seed beads (gold SB 11/o)
5 g 11/o metallic blue iris seed beads (iris SB 11/o )
3 g  11/o gold lined Montana blue Toho triangle beads
48  Montana blue 4mm glass pearl
Beading needle sharp, #11 or #12
Thread  6lb Fireline or Nymo D. 4lb is fine and may work better in some spots.
Clasp- I have not shown directions for adding a clasp in this tutorial.
Click here for the detailed step by step tutorial. 
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