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Beads-Needle-Thread, Rules of Thumb


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Beads - Needle - Thread; rules of thumb:

  • Size 10 or 11 beads use a size 10 needle and size B or D thread or 4 or 6 lb Fireline
  • Size 11 or 12 beads use a size 11 needle and size A or B thread or 4 to 6 lb Fireline
  • Size 12 or 13 beads use a size 12 needle and size A or B thread or 4 lb Fireline
  • Size 13 or 15 beads use a size 13 needle and size 0 or A thread or size 2 to 4 lb Fireline
  • Size 15 or smaller beads use a size 15 needle and size 000 to 0 thread or size 2 lb Fireline


  • Beads - The larger the number the smaller the bead.  Size 11 is smaller than size 8.
  • Needle - The larger the number the thinner the needle. Size 10 is thicker than size 13.
  • Thread - The larger the letter the thicker the thread. Size D is thicker than size B, size B is thicker than size A, A is thicker 0 (zero).
  • Thread - The larger the number the thicker the thread. Size 10 is thicker than size 4.
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