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Designer Policy & Agreement

Listing items with us is your acknowledgement to this agreement and to the terms and policies noted below.

Once listings have been added you have the ability to EDIT or DISABLE the listing as needed, detailed instructions will be provided in the  DESIGNER MENU which is only available to current Designers.

Designers AGREEMENT:

  • I am the original copyright holder of the item(s) submitted and listed.
  • I own all rights/permission to sell and reproduce the items(s) submitted.
  • As per information provided by Sova Enterprises, I will provide the required files and information in the proper format.
  • I will document my sales report information from the information supplied for my records/taxes.
  • I will abide by the policy, terms, conditions, rules and information set forth by Sova Enterprises.
  • I agree to the usage permission of my designer name, item pictures and information for promotional and advertising purposes of Sova Enterprises.
  • I understand that Sova Enterprises has the right to remove or alter an item(s), or a designer from their sites at their discretion. 


  • Sova Enterprises is a distribution agent. Designers are not employees of Sova Enterprises.
  • Sova Enterprises' fee is 45% per item sold (this applies to any and ALL patterns added.
    55% of the selling price will be paid (if Minimum Limit is met) to the Designer in the month following the completed Sale.
  • All funds are US currency.
  • Sova Enterprises reserves the right to use any image file submitted, at no charge, for advertising/promotional purposes.
  • Checks are calculated and issued once a month (less our fee).
  • Checks are mailed via the US Postal Service and will be mailed on or before the last day of the month that follows the sales month. Example: Checks are mailed for the sales from March 1 to 31 on or before April 30.
  • Special arrangement requests, such as PayPal, please inquire.
  • FREE item listings receive our gratitude only.
  • Minimum: earnings under $25.00 will be carried over to the next payment schedule.
  • Our Checks include “Check is VOID after 90 days”. Please deposit/cash your checks promptly. Some banks charge a fee to cash USA checks, if you need your check held until a certain amount has been reached, make the needed arrangements prior to a check being issued (otherwise STOP PAYMENT fees may apply).
  • Check Replacement: requires the original check is in our possession, otherwise the issuance of a STOP PAYMENT must be issued. Any fees charged will be paid by the responsible party.
  • Taxes: Sova Enterprises is a selling agent for you. You are NOT our employee.
  • We do collect and pay applicable New Mexico sales tax.
  • We do NOT withhold income or employee taxes.
  • You are responsible for your own tax situation.
  • A W-9 (US) or W-8 (non US) form must be supplied to Sova-Enterprises, see www.irs.gov for forms, before Designer Full access is granted.


  • Sova Enterprises may request documented proof of your copyright at anytime.
  • Non-compliance will result in removal. Sova Enterprises does not provide legal services.


  • Designers will provide the product; PDF file(s), images, and descriptions and will add items via the ADD PATTERN link provided in the DESIGNER MENU .
  • Sova Enterprises will handle sales, customer support, payment transactions & fees, provide access to sales reports, advertise, maintain web sites, web site content, scripts, and issue earning payments (less our fee).
  • Customers will have unlimited access to purchased files via their MY Account area (do not change this UNLIMITED setting while adding listings).

Designers will provide listings in PDF format in a professional manner.  Within the PDF file the criteria below will be met:

  • Title
  • Copyright details
    Examples: © 2006 Rita Sova   or   Copyright 2006 by Rita Sova
  • Page numbers, if more than 2 pages
  • At least one image of the finished item or example thereof (real or very realistic only)
  • Page size: 8-1/2" x 11" format (US)
  • Margins at least 1/2" on all 4 edges (Top-Bottom-Left-Right)
  • FONTS: Must be EMBEDDED within the PDF file
  • Include text: Distributed by Bead-Patterns.com and Sova-Enterprises.com
  • Your contact information is optional, keep it simple and remember that over time addresses (email or house) change.
  • Suggested: bead type, size, and suggested colors should be included in the PDF file.
  • Pattern (graph) must be easily readable, without the need to enlarge
  • Patterns using more than 5 colors should (most cases) use symbols in the graph to distinguish easily between colors (or shades of colors).
  • Word Chart format patterns must include specifics about reading the word chart.  Some older program would have you read some rows from left to right (L-R) and other rows from R-L.  Most common is always reading rows R-L always, however beading (depending on the stitch) can be done R-L, L-R, R-L.
  • DO NOT include advertising.
  • PDF File Size: up to 15MB (FREE PDF listings 2MB)
  • FREE PDF Files will be made available to the public at no charge.
    Take note of this when adding your listings, be sure to add your PDF files in the appropriate area.

Image Files:

  • Multiple images, up to 6, may be added to a listing
  • PNG or JPG only, always 72 PPI (Pixels Per Inch)
  • Minimum pixels: 500 x 500 pixels
  • Maximum pixels: 1000 x 1000 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 800KB