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Issue 41 (May/Jun 2012) "Mother & Father"

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Issue 41 (May/Jun 2012) "Mother & Father"

Welcome friends to issue #41
      In May and June we honor our Mothers & Fathers and remember those who have defended our freedom. This issue contains gifts and tokens for these very special people. Crystal drops for Mom with pansies & Dad with flags. Ronit has created a darling Mothers Love heart with earrings to match too! Michelle designed a patriotic bracelet. Sandra Halpenny weaves seed beaded lace for a bracelet. Barb Nichols shares, not one but TWO, fabulous bracelets. Another set of bracelets use the popular large-hole charm/memory beads. Select Bicone crystals in Birthstone colors to stitch a custom Mother's or Grandmother's bracelet she will cherish. Enjoy!
      Best wishes & full bead dishes, Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor


Mother's Day & Father's Day Crystal Drops by Deb Moffett-Hall

Show Mom & Dad you are thinking of them on their special days! Hang in a sunny window to cast real rainbows.

   Delica Beads, size 11/o;

  • DB 411 Gold or DB 42 (75)
  • DB 411 Gold
  • DB 310 Black
  • DB 876 Light Green
  • DB 724 Dark Green
  • DB 760 Light Blue
  • DB 880 Dark Blue
  • DB 1379 Purple
  • DB 751 Yellow
  • DB 791 Red
  • DB 200 White
  • DB 1138 Blue

Needle, size 10 or 12
Thread of choice (Nymo B or Fireline 6#)
One 3" crystal drop, available at Sova-Enterprises.com, SEARCH model # 00000178

Individual Pattern is not available


Mother's or Grandmother's Bracelet by Deb Moffett-Hall

Select Bicone Crystals in the birthstone colors of Children or Grandchildren to make this bracelet really special.

   Materials per circle;

  • 4 size 8 Delica
  • 8 size 15 seeds (sm)
  • 14 size 11 seeds (md)
  • 4 size 8 seeds (lg)
  • 1 Bicone Crystal 4mm

Nymo B or Fireline 4 or 6# test
Beading Needle, size 11 or 12

Individual Pattern is not available




A Beary Happy Mother's Day, Earrings and Pendant by Ronit Florence

This adorable set can be stitched using peyote or brick. Either way you hold the chart, begin at the widest full row and work from there out in both directions. The heart panel can be made into a pendant by adding the beaded loops where indicated and stitching a beaded chain to match.

   Size 11 Delica Beads;

  • DB 100
  • DB 866
  • DB 10
  • DB 215
  • DB 159
  • DB 200
  • DB 175

Thread of Choice
Beading Needle, size 11 or 12

Individual Pattern and matching patterns are available; SEARCH using: Beary Happy Mother's Day at Bead-Patterns.com


Simply Red Bracelet by Barb A. Nichols

Simply gorgeous! Fire polish beads come in so many beautiful colors and finishes that you will find yourself making this bracelet again and again.


  • 132 each of 4mm red Czech fire polished facet AB
  • 5 Grams of size 11 crystal silver lined seed beads
  • Fireline 4lb thread or .18mm fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Pony needle #10
  • 1 each 5mm button

Individual Pattern is not available


Bella Blue Bracelet by Barb A. Nichols

Just as Bella in other colors too!



  • 15 Grams Size 8 Miyuki seed beads, Cobalt Opaque Luster (A)
  • 5 Grams Size 8 Miyuki seed beads, Cobalt Frosted AB (B)
  • 60 Fire polished 4mm, matte facet Blue (C)
  • Nymo D beading thread (or 6lb Fireline)
  • 1 each 5mm 2-holed button

Individual Pattern is not available


Large-Hole Bead Herringbone Bangle (Bracelet)

Bangle bracelets with screw-off end beads, designed for use with large-hole beads, are perfect for stringing Herringbone beaded beads! Select your bead choices to complement the bangle and large-hole beads.


  • Bangle w/screw-off end bead
  • 5 large-hole beads
  • 72 Delicas, size 8
  • 144 Seed Beads, size 8
  • 72 Seed Beads, size 11
  • 36 Miyuki Triangles, size 8
  • Fireline 4lb test
  • Beading Needle

Individual Pattern is not available


Hearts & Flags for Memorial Day, Bracelet or Bookmark by Michelle Hall

A band of Forget-me-nots march around the outer edge, while hearts and flag covered shields fill the center of this Odd Count Peyote Bracelet or Bookmark.

Materials for a 7" panel:
   Size 11 Delica quantities and numbers;

  • 398 Black #310
  • 488 Blue #1138
  • 334 White #200
  • 518 Dark Red #791
  • 110 Light Red #727

Thread of Choice
Beading needle
Clasp for bracelet or end dangle beads for bookmark

Individual Pattern is not available


Blueberries & Sherry Bracelet by Sandra D. Halpenny

Lacy loops of seed beads cradle sparkling round crystals to make a lovely bracelet or choker style necklace.


  • For approximately each inch you will need 36 seed beads (A) and 2 crystals (B).
  • Beading Needle
  • Clasp of choice
  • Fireline 4 or 6# test

Individual Pattern is not available





Large-Hole Beads & Seed Bead Medallions Bracelet or Necklace

Another new way to display the Gorgeous Keepsake style large-hole beads you've been collecting.




Materials for Bracelet, double the quantities and add 1 large-hole for necklace:

  • 144 Size 15 gold (sm)
  • 120 size 11 gold (md)
  • 58 size 8 gold (lr)
  • 29 Fire Polish 4mm
  • 24 size 8 silver lined color to match large-hole beads
  • 5 large hole beads, 14mm
  • Clasp
  • Fireline 6 lb test

Individual Pattern is not available


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