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Issue 25 (Sep/Oct 2009) "Autumn"

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Issue 25 (Sep/Oct 2009) Autumn Issue

Welcome friends to issue #25
      Revel in the glorious colors of autumn. A box chain cha cha bracelet from Linda Gettings features brick stitch leaves. Fire Polished beads never looked so good! Sandra D Halpenny weaves her magic with seed beads and fire polished beads. I've added a fun Halloween crystal drop. Barb Nichols evokes those fall colors with her Prickly Peyote bracelet and Marilyn Peters captures the last summer rainbow in her Ogallala Butterfly bracelet. Ty Wolfe Designs shares an adorable herringbone bracelet with buttons & crystals. Sharon Boehme helps you get a head start on your Holiday stitching with a Santa tea light cover, great for stocking stuffers! Enjoy the crisp autumn weather!    Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor





Fall Herringbone Buttons Bracelet by Ty Wolfe Designs

Stitch a super fluid and fun to wear herringbone bracelet base and add a little kick of color with flat back two-hole Lucite buttons and Swarovski crystals.


  • 290 size 8 seed beads & thread to match
  • Clasp of choice
  • Flat two-hole Buttons: 1 each 1 inch, 2 each 3/4 inch, 2 each 1/2 inch
  • 4mm bicone Crystals: 2 for each button in matching colors
  • Size 11 Delica or seed bead: 1 for each button in matching colors

Individual Pattern is not available

Fire Polished Pairs Bracelet by Sandra D. Halpenny

Capture sparkling pairs of fire polished beads in intricate looking seed bead medallion units.
Bracelet can be stitched as shown with two borders of seed beads or add only the first border for a very different look!

Materials:Bead Counts are per Unit; 1 Unit is approximately 1"

  • A = Miyuki 11/o SEED bead #5379, 65 beads plus 9 for one end, plus 12 for clasps
  • B = Miyuki 11/o SEED bead #574, 38 beads
  • C = 4mm Fire-polished, Orange 2 tone, 2 beads

Individual Pattern is not available



Halloween 2009 Crystal Drop by Deb Moffett-Hall

Even Count Peyote and size 11/o Delica beads make an adorable dated Halloween keepsake crystal drop.


  • Size 11 Delica beads;
    • Black #010, 412 beads
    • Gold #410, 138 beads
    • Light orange #651, 37 beads
    • Dark orange #752, 13 beads
    • Light green #169, 10 beads
    • Dark green #754, 20 beads
    • White #201, 40 beads
    • Brown #764, 2 beads
  • 1 each - 3 inch cut spear crystal drop, available at: Sova-Enterprises.com, SEARCH using model #00000178

Individual Pattern is not available


Prickly Peyote Bracelet by Barb Nichols

Use easy turn odd-count peyote to quickly stitch the bracelet base and then add dozens of seed bead picots to create a colorful tufted texture.

Materials: (g=gram)

  • 20 g 8/o Miyuki Delicas (Dark Cream Opaque #DBL-0732)
  • 20 g 6/o mixed beads (silver-lined frosted matte for the glowing look in sample.)
  • 10 g 11/o seeds (light brown transparent)
  • Silamide beading thread (size A)
  • 1 button with shank, 15mm
  • Beading needle
  • Scissors

Individual Pattern is not available

Midnight Magic Collar by Linda Gettings

This stunning collar is stitched with cubes & seed beads with a flash of gold fire polished beads.

Materials: for a 14" Collar

  • 400 black 4mm cube beads
  • 2,000 size 11/o black seed beads
  • 50 size 11/o metallic gold seed beads
  • 186 gold metallic fire polished 3mm (sm)
  • 46 gold metallic fire polished 5mm (lg)
  • 92 black fire polished 2mm or 3mm
  • One 18mm glass button or clasp of choice
  • Black thread of choice

Individual Pattern is not available



Box Chain Cha Cha Bracelet by Linda Gettings

Stitch a quick box chain bracelet base using hex beads, then embellish with a glorious assortment of beads, stone chips and brick stitched leaves.


  • 700 red jasper color size 11/o hex beads
  • Size 11/o seed beads in the following colors: root beer, amber, yellow
  • Size 15/o seed beads, bronze metallic
  • 100plus Red Jasper Stone bead and chip mix & coordinating glass bead mix
  • Clasp of choice, sample shows a very strong magnetic clasp

Individual Pattern is not available

Picture Jasper Cobra Chain by Michelle Hall

This is a no-clasp-needed, go with everything, quick to stitch, fun project. Get a head start on your holiday gifts!


  • 30 Faceted Picture Jasper rondelles. 5 x 8 mm
  • 450 Met Brown iris seed beads size 10/o or 11/o 168 Frosted matte brown iris size 8/o
  • 24 Silver daisy spacers size 4 mm
  • 6lb Fireline works nicely for this project

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017260 at Sova-Enterprises.com

Ogallala Butterfly Ruffles Bracelet by Marilyn Peters

Decorate the edges of an even count peyote band with ebullient and colorful Ogallala butterfly ruffles.


  • 7 colors of size 11/o Japanese silver lined seed beads.
  • Example uses colors to create a blended rainbow; Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, & Blue.

Individual Pattern is not available

Santa's Flight Tea Light Cover by Sharon Boehme

Look who's getting ready for his annual night flight.
Get a jump on your holiday stitching - make several for stocking stuffers or party favors!


  • Size 11 Delica beads;
    • Background - DB 1587
    • Sled/Antlers - DB 769
    • Red - DB 602
    • White - DB 200
    • Black - DB 10
    • Green - DB 148
    • Reindeer - DB 772
  • Silamide thread in matching color, Nymo tends to stretch too much

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00016571 at Sova-Enterprises.com


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