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Fri, 12/20/2019 - 14:33 -- Deborah Roberti

Tila Brocade Band


The Tila Brocade Band is a cross between two of my most popular designs—the Crescent Weave Band and Brocade Bracelets. Use 15/0 and 11/0 rocaille seed beads, SuperDuo beads, MiniDuo beads and Miyuki Tila beads for this intricate-looking but easy stitch-repeat band that wraps around the wrist quite nicely. Stacks of Half and Quarter Tila beads can be substituted for full-sized Tila beads making this a very versatile pattern. Although 6x6mm Czech Tile beads will not work for this design, the 5x5mm Czech Tile Mini beads will work just fine. Detailed step-by-step directions and illustrations from start to finish.

Approx Finished Size: 

About 1.25 inches wide to desired length

S-E Product ID #: 
Technique (up to 6): 
Skill Level: 
2 Intermediate
Bead Types (up to 10): 
Czech MiniDuo (2 hole)
Czech SuperDuo (2 hole)
Miyuki Tila Full 5x5x1.9mm (2 hole)
Miyuki Tila Half 5x2.3x1.9mm (2 hole)
Miyuki Tila Quarter 5.0x1.2x1.9mm (2 holes)
Seed size 11
Seed size 15
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