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Mon, 12/11/2023 - 04:34 -- Katherina Kostinsky

Nacaduba biocellata butterfly


Nacaduba biocellata, or the Two -Spotted Line Blue,(first  described by Cajetan and Rudolf Felder, father and son,Austrian entomologists in 1865) is a 20 mm wingspan Indo-Australian butterfly also inhabiting Singapore. Its pale-yellow caterpillar feeds on acacia and turns to red (or sometimes green) colour before becoming a pupa. It takes the butterfly of about a fortnight from a new-born egg to an imago (an adult butterfly).


The pattern is suitable for brick stitch or peyote stitch.
I wove the butterfly using peyote stitch. And the thread way is shown for peyote stitch.
You’ll need some fishing line with diameter 0,15 mm, a beading needle size 11-15 and 13 colours of seed beads size 11 or size 10.
2 toho beads palettes are offered: for opaque beads and for metal-lined ones.
The pattern includes a photo of the finished butterfly and 3 graphs showing the way of weaving the butterfly including how to fasten the thread.

This butterfly pattern is a part of the collection "24 butterflies and moths of the world".

Approx Finished Size: 

3,5x4,5 cm

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2 Intermediate
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Seed size 10
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